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Maverix offers its investors a strong base of assets with significant potential for growth. Its current portfolio of over 140 royalties and streams provides a solid, cash-generating platform from which Maverix can continue to pursue accretive acquisitions. With a knowledgeable and innovative leadership team and a strong track record of adding value through acquisitions, Maverix is well positioned to create further value for its shareholders. The Maverix team has the technical capacity and experience to understand the risk profiles of the assets it acquires, enabling Maverix to invest only in assets the company is confident will succeed in creating value. The royalty and streaming model is favorable to Maverix investors as it offers robust returns with reduced risk.

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Maverix Metals 2022 Asset Handbook Maverix Metals 2022 Asset Handbook


Corporate Presentation - September 2022 Corporate Presentation - September 2022