Maverix provides upfront payments to mine operators in need of capital in return for a percentage of the future revenue generated from the mine (a royalty), or the right to either purchase all, or a fixed percentage of, future precious metal production for a pre-determined price (a stream). These royalty and streaming agreements provide exposure to precious metals price appreciation, fixed operating costs and exploration and expansion upside without the associated capital, operating and environmental costs. In six years Maverix has completed 17 acquisitions, including 6 major royalty portfolios from senior mining companies and along with a number of additional bolt on acquisitions has grown its portfolio to over 100 total royalties and streams. With its experienced and knowledgeable leadership team, support from key stakeholders and track record of adding value through acquisitions, Maverix is well positioned to continue its growth.

Maverix was founded in 2016 by Mr. Geoff Burns and Mr. Daniel O’Flaherty with the sole purpose of becoming a successful mining royalty and streaming company. In July 2016, Maverix acquired a package of 13 royalties and precious metal streams from Pan American Silver and began trading on the TSX Venture Exchange shortly after.