Other Assets

Asset Location Maverix Metal Exposure Maverix Interest Stage Counterparty
El Peñón (Dominador/Fortuna Deposit) Chile Au-Ag 2.0% NSR Royalty Operating Yamana Gold
Long Operation Australia Ni 0.65% to 5% Sliding Scale Royalty Operating Independence Group
La Bolsa Mexico Au 5% Gold Stream Pre-Feasibility Pan American Silver
Calcatreu Argentina Ag-Au 1.25% NSR Royalty Pre-Feasibility Patagonia Gold
Mpokoto DRC Au 1.5% NSR Royalty Pre-Feasibility Kisenge Mining Pty / Armadale Capital
Tres Cruces Peru Au 1.5% NSR Royalty Advanced Exploration Barrick Gold
Pico Machay Peru Au 1.0% NSR Royalty Scoping Pan American Silver
Panton Sill Australia Pt-Pd-Au 2.0% NSR Royalty (1) Scoping Panoramic Resources
La Violeta Mexico Au 2.5% NSR Royalty Early Exploration Grupo Minero
Scotia Gold Ore Australia Au A$1.20/tonne (2) Early Exploration Shine Resources
Wayamaga (Bon Espoir Project) French Guiana Au 1.0% Net Revenue Royalty Early Exploration AUPLATA / Newmont
Committee Bay (Three Bluffs Project) Canada Diamond 1.0% NSR Royalty on Diamonds Early Exploration Auryn Resources
Taviche Este Mexico Au-Ag 1.5% NSR Royalty Early Exploration Aura Silver Resources
Maria Cecilia Peru Au-Ag 1.5% Royalty Early Exploration Stellar Mining
Quiruvilca Peru Zn-Ag 2.0% NSR Royalty
(50% attributable)
Past Producer Sociedad Minera Quiruvilca Inversiones

(1) A 2.0% NSR royalty payable by Panoramic Resources Limited once production exceeds 100,000 ounces on all platinum group metals minerals mined from certain tenements.
(2) Payable after production of 200,000 ounces of gold from relevant tenements.

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