Other Assets

Asset LocationMaverix Metal ExposureMaverix Interest StageCounterparty
Agua RicaArgentinaAu-Ag-Cu2.5% NSR Royalty(1)Pre-FeasibilityYamana Gold Inc.
AmulsarArmeniaAuUS$1M per quarter(2)ConstructionLydian International Limited
CalcatreuArgentinaAu-Ag1.25% NSR RoyaltyPre-FeasibilityPatagonia Gold Corp.
Cerro CasaleChileAu-Ag-Cu1.25% GRR on 25% of gross revenuesAdvanced ExplorationBarrick Gold Corp. & Newmont Corp.
ConverseUSAAu-Ag5.0% NSR RoyaltyPreliminary Economic AssessmentWaterton Global Resource Management, Inc.
DeLamarUSAAu-Ag2.5% NSR RoyaltyPreliminary Economic AssessmentIntegra Resources Corp.
GemfieldUSAAu-Ag5.0% NSR RoyaltyFeasibilityWaterton Global Resource Management, Inc.
Golden EagleUSAAu2.0% NSR RoyaltyAdvanced ExplorationFiore Gold Ltd.
KensingtonUSAAu2.5% NRR(3)OperatingCoeur Mining Inc.
La BolsaMexicoAu-Ag5% Gold StreamCare & MaintenancePan American Silver Corp.
Long OperationAustraliaNi0.65% to 5% Sliding Scale RoyaltyCare & MaintenanceMincor Resources NL
McCoy-CoveUSAAu3.5% NSR RoyaltyPreliminary Economic AssessmentPremier Gold Mines Ltd. & Barrick Gold Corp.
Monument BayCanadaAu1.5% NSR RoyaltyAdvanced ExplorationYamana Gold Inc.
MpokotoDRCAu1.5% NSR RoyaltyAdvanced ExplorationArrow Mining
Nueva EsperanzaChileAg-Au2.0% - 3.0% NSR RoyaltyFeasibilityKingsgate Consolidated Limited
Panton SillAustraliaPt-Pd-Au2.0% NSR Royalty(4)Advanced ExplorationPanoramic Resources Limited
Pico MachayPeruAu1.0% NSR RoyaltyCare & MaintenancePan American Silver Corp.
Pike River / Grey FoxCanadaAu2.5% NSR RoyaltyAdvanced ExplorationMcEwen Mining Inc.
Railroad-PinionUSAAu2.0% NSR RoyaltyPre-FeasibilityGold Standard Ventures Corp.

Dominican Republic 

Au-Cu1.25% NSR RoyaltyPre-FeasibilityGoldQuest Mining Corp.
Spring ValleyUSAAu2.0% NSR RoyaltyAdvanced ExplorationWaterton Global Resource Management, Ltd.
Tres CrucesPeruAu1.5% NSR RoyaltyAdvanced ExplorationNew Oroperu Resources
AdzopeCote d’IvoireAu2.0% NSR RoyaltyEarly ExplorationOsead SA
AuroraUSAAu-Ag1.5% - 3.0% NSR RoyaltyEarly ExplorationAurora Consolidated Mines Company
AyahuancaPeruAu1.5% - 3.0% NSR RoyaltyEarly ExplorationMinera La Zanja Srl
AzulChileAu-Cu2.0% NSR RoyaltyEarly ExplorationGolden Arrow Resources Corp.
Bear LodgeUSARare Earth Minerals0.5% NSR RoyaltyEarly ExplorationRare Element Resources Ltd.
BobossoCote d’IvoireAu2.0% NSR RoyaltyEarly ExplorationMontage Gold
Bon EspoirFrench GuianaAu1.0% Net Revenue RoyaltyEarly ExplorationAUPLATA / Newmont
BushrangerAustraliaAu0.75% NSR RoyaltyEarly ExplorationAnglo American plc
CandelariaUSAAg-AuFixed PaymentEarly ExplorationSilver One Resources Inc.
ChancaPeruAu-Ag1.2% - 2.0% NSR RoyaltyEarly ExplorationMinera Rio Plata
Committee BayCanadaDiamonds1.0% NSR RoyaltyEarly ExplorationAuryn Resources Inc.
CrevasseUSAAu-Ag5.0% NSR RoyaltyEarly ExplorationPiedra Dura Mining
Dee ReservationUSAAu-Ag3.0% NSR RoyaltyEarly ExplorationBarrick Gold Corp.
DickeyUSAAu3.0% GRREarly ExplorationPrivate Interest
Dos CabezosUSAAu-Ag2.0% NSR RoyaltyEarly ExplorationPan American Fertilizer Corp.
DuquetCanadaCu-Au-Ag0.75% NSR RoyaltyEarly ExplorationAzimut Exploration Inc.
EL 7391AustraliaAu1.0% NSR RoyaltyEarly ExplorationThomson Resouces Ltd.
EnchiGhanaAu2.0% NSR RoyaltyEarly ExplorationPinecrest Resources Ltd.
Golden ArrowUSAAu3.0% NSR RoyaltyEarly ExplorationEmgold Mining Corp.
Green MonsterUSAAu1.0% GRREarly ExplorationMountain Gold Claims LLC
HarkerCanadaAu2.0% NSR RoyaltyEarly ExplorationKirkland Lake Gold
JiboiaBrazilAu1.5% - 2.0% NSR RoyaltyEarly ExplorationOZ Minerals
Ket 28CanadaAu-Ag3.0% NSR RoyaltyEarly ExplorationGrizzly Discoveries Inc.
KorokahaCote d’IvoireAu2.0% NSR RoyaltyEarly ExplorationMontage Gold
La VioletaMexicoAu2.5% NSR RoyaltyEarly ExplorationGrupo Minero
Macmillan PassCanadaZn-Au-Ag3.0% NSR Au + 1.0% NSR Ag + 0.25% NSR ZnEarly ExplorationFireweed Zinc Ltd.
ManhattanUSAAu-Ag-Cu1.0% NSR RoyaltyEarly ExplorationKinross Gold Corp.
Maria Cecilia PeruAu-Ag1.5% NSR RoyaltyEarly ExplorationStellar Mining
MarigoldUSAAu-Ag2.0% NSR RoyaltyEarly ExplorationSSR Mining Inc.
Maverick SpringsUSAAu-Ag1.5% NSR RoyaltyEarly ExplorationSSR Mining Inc. / Waterton Global Resource Management, Inc.
McCreaUSAAu5.0% GRREarly ExplorationPrivate Interest
Medicine SpringsUSAAu0.5% NSR RoyaltyEarly ExplorationGolden Tiger Minerals Inc.
MonitorUSAAu2.5% NSR RoyaltyEarly ExplorationSecure Energy Services Inc.
Monte CristoUSAAu-Ag3.0% NSR RoyaltyEarly ExplorationHecla Mining Company
MontezumaPeruCu1.0% NSR RoyaltyEarly ExplorationRevelo Resources Corp.
MorondoCote d’IvoreAu2.0% NSR RoyaltyEarly ExplorationMontage Gold Corp.
Mountain ViewUSAAu-Ag1.5% NSR RoyaltyEarly ExplorationWaterton Global Resource Management, Inc.
Mystery LakeCanadaNi0.35% NSR RoyaltyEarly ExplorationVale Canada Ltd.
M36, M289AustraliaAu2.5% GRREarly ExplorationBHP Billiton Ltd.
NangodiGhanaAu1.0% NSR RoyaltyEarly ExplorationCardinal Resources
NoyemGhanaAu2.0% NSR RoyaltyEarly ExplorationAKA Petroleum Ghana Ltd.
PerseveranceUSAAu4.0% NSR RoyaltyEarly ExplorationKennecott Exploration Co.
Pershing PassUSAAu-Ag2.0% NSR RoyaltyEarly ExplorationAmericas Gold & Silver Corp.
PouraBurkina FasoAu0.5% NSR RoyaltyEarly ExplorationCluff Africa Associates UK Ltd.
PromiseAustraliaAu$1.50/ton ore minedEarly ExplorationSilver Lake Resources Ltd.
PromseaPeruAu-Ag-Cu0.5% - 2.0% NSR RoyaltyEarly ExplorationSolitario Zinc Corp.
RobinsonUSAAu3.0% GRREarly ExplorationPrivate Interest
Rock CreekUSAAu0.5% NSR RoyaltyEarly ExplorationWestern States Minerals Corp.
RosebudUSAAu3.0% NSR RoyaltyEarly ExplorationRosebud Exploration LLC
ScotiaAustraliaAuA$1.20/tonne(5)Early ExplorationAuroch Minerals
SubranumGhanaAu-Ag2.0% NSR RoyaltyEarly ExplorationCardinal Resources Ltd.
Taviche Este MexicoAu-Ag1.5% NSR RoyaltyEarly ExplorationMinaurum Gold Inc.
WaihiNew ZealandAu1.0% NSR RoyaltyEarly ExplorationOceanaGold Corp.
YamerigaGhanaAu1.0% NSR RoyaltyEarly ExplorationCardinal Resources
El PeñónChileAu-Ag2.0% NSR RoyaltyExplorationYamana Gold Inc.
Quiruvilca PeruZn-Ag2.0% NSR Royalty
(50% attributable)
ExplorationSociedad Minera Quiruvilca Inversiones

* Does not include industrial minerals and power royalties.

(1) The 2.5% NSR royalty on Agua Rica is capped at C$15M.
(2) Payable once commercial production is achieved.
(3) Royalty not payable until certain conditions are met.
(4) A 2.0% NSR royalty payable by Panoramic Resources Limited once production exceeds 100,000 ounces on all platinum group metals minerals mined from certain tenements.

(5) Payable after production of 200,000 ounces of gold from relevant tenements.

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