Other Assets

Asset LocationMaverix Metal ExposureMaverix Interest StageCounterparty
CalcatreuArgentinaAu-Ag1.25% NSR RoyaltyDevelopmentPatagonia Gold Corp.
Cerro CasaleChileAu-Ag-Cu1.25% GRR on 25% of total revenueDevelopmentBarrick Gold Corp. & Newmont Corp.
ConverseUSAAu-Ag5.0% NSR RoyaltyDevelopmentWaterton Global Resource Management, Inc.
DeLamarUSAAu-Ag2.5% NSR RoyaltyDevelopmentIntegra Resources Corp.
GemfieldUSAAu-Ag5.0% NSR RoyaltyDevelopmentWaterton Global Resource Management, Inc.
Hasbrouck-Three HillsUSAAu-Ag1.25% NSR RoyaltyDevelopmentWest Vault Mining Inc.
KensingtonUSAAu2.5% NRR(1)OperatingCoeur Mining Inc.
La BolsaMexicoAu-Ag5% Gold Stream @ $450/oz ongoing paymentDevelopmentPan American Silver Corp.
Long OperationAustraliaNi0.65% to 5% Sliding Scale RoyaltyDevelopmentMincor Resources NL
McCoy-CoveUSAAu3.5% NSR RoyaltyDevelopmentPremier Gold Mines Ltd.
Nueva EsperanzaChileAg-Au2.0% - 3.0% NSR RoyaltyDevelopmentKingsgate Consolidated Limited
Pico MachayPeruAu1.0% NSR RoyaltyDevelopmentPan American Silver Corp.
RailroadUSAAu-Ag2.0% NSR RoyaltyDevelopmentGold Standard Ventures

Dominican Republic 

Au-Cu1.25% NSR RoyaltyDevelopmentGoldQuest Mining Corp.
ShalipaycoPeruZn-Ag-Pb1.0% NSR RoyaltyDevelopmentNexa Resources
Tres CrucesPeruAu1.5% NSR RoyaltyAdvanced ExplorationNew Oroperu Resources
AdzopeCote D’IvoireAu2.0% NSR RoyaltyExplorationAuplata Mining Group
Agua RicaArgentinaAu-Ag-Cu2.5% NSR Royalty(2)DevelopmentYamana Gold Inc.
AmulsarArmeniaAuUS$1M per quarter(3)ConstructionLydian International Limited
Aurora Silver LiningUSAAu-Ag1.5% - 3.0% NSR RoyaltyExplorationHecla Mining Company
AyahuancaPeruAu1.5% - 3.0% NSR RoyaltyExplorationMinera La Zanja Srl
AzulChileAu-Cu2.0% NSR RoyaltyExplorationGolden Arrow Resources Corp.
BassawaCote d’IvoireAu2.0% NSR RoyaltyExplorationMontage Gold
Bear LodgeUSARare Earth Minerals0.5% NSR RoyaltyDevelopmentRare Element Resources Ltd.
Bon EspoirFrench GuianaAu1.0% Net Revenue RoyaltyExplorationAuplata Mining Group
BushrangerAustraliaAu0.75% NSR RoyaltyExplorationAnglo American plc
CandelariaUSAAg-Au$1M Production PaymentExplorationSilver One Resources Inc.
ChancaPeruAu-Ag1.2% - 2.0% NSR RoyaltyExplorationMinera Rio Plata
Committee BayCanadaDiamonds1.0% NSR RoyaltyExplorationAuryn Resources Inc.
CrevasseUSAAu-Ag5.0% NSR RoyaltyExplorationPiedra Dura Mining
Dee ReservationUSAAu-Ag3.0% NSR RoyaltyExplorationBarrick Gold Corp.
DickeyUSAAu3.0% GRRExplorationPrivate Interest
Dos CabezosUSAAu-Ag2.0% NSR RoyaltyExplorationPan American Fertilizer Corp.
DuquetCanadaCu-Au-Ag0.75% NSR RoyaltyExplorationAzimut Exploration Inc.
El PenonChileAu2.0% NSR RoyaltyExplorationYamana Gold Inc.
EL 7391AustraliaAu1.0% NSR RoyaltyExplorationThomson Resouces Ltd.
EnchiGhanaAu2.0% NSR RoyaltyDevelopmentNewcore Gold Ltd.
FridayUSAAu3.0% NSR Royalty(4)OperatingEndomines AB
Golden ArrowUSAAu3.0% NSR RoyaltyExplorationEmgold Resources
Golden EagleUSAAu2.0% NSR RoyaltyExplorationFiore Gold Ltd.
Green MonsterUSAAu1.0% GRRExplorationMountain Gold Claims LLC
HarkerCanadaAu2.0% NSR RoyaltyExplorationKirkland Lake Gold
JiboiaBrazilAu1.5% - 2.0% NSR RoyaltyExplorationOZ Minerals
Ket 28CanadaAu-Ag3.0% NSR RoyaltyExplorationGrizzly Discoveries Inc.
KorokahaCote d’IvoireAu2.0% NSR RoyaltyExplorationMontage Gold
La PromesaPeruAu2.0% NSR RoyaltyExplorationSolitario Resources
La VioletaMexicoAu2.5% NSR RoyaltyExplorationGrupo Minero
M36, M289AustraliaAu2.5% GRRExplorationBHP Billiton Ltd.
Macmillan PassCanadaZn-Au-Ag3.0% NSR Au + 1.0% NSR Ag + 0.25% NSR ZnExplorationFireweed Zinc Ltd.
ManhattanUSAAu-Ag-Cu1.0% NSR RoyaltyExplorationKinross Gold Corp.
Maria Cecilia PeruAu-Ag1.5% NSR RoyaltyOperatingStellar Mining
MarigoldUSAAu-Ag2.0% NSR RoyaltyExplorationSSR Mining Inc.
Maverick SpringsUSAAu-Ag1.5% NSR RoyaltyExplorationWaterton Global Resource Management, Inc.
McCrea ReservatoinUSAAu5.0% GRRExplorationPrivate Interest
Medicine SpringsUSAAu0.5% NSR RoyaltyExplorationNothern Lights Resources
MonitorUSAAu2.5% NSR RoyaltyExplorationSecure Energy Services Inc.
Monte CristoUSAAu-Ag3.0% NSR RoyaltyExplorationHecla Mining Company
MontezumaChileCu1.0% NSR RoyaltyExplorationRevelo Resources Corp.
Monument BayCanadaAu1.5% NSR RoyaltyExplorationYamana Gold Inc.
MorondoCote d’IvoreAu2.0% NSR RoyaltyExplorationMontage Gold Corp.
Mountain ViewUSAAu-Ag1.5% NSR RoyaltyExplorationWaterton Global Resource Management, Inc.
MpokotoDRCAu1.5% NSR RoyaltyDevelopmentArrow Mining
Mystery LakeCanadaNi0.35% NSR RoyaltyExplorationVale Canada Ltd.
NangodiGhanaAu1.0% NSR RoyaltyExplorationCardinal Resources
NoyemGhanaAu2.0% NSR RoyaltyExplorationAKA Petroleum Ghana Ltd.
Panton SillAustraliaPt-Pd-Au2.0% NSR Royalty on PGE metals(5)ExplorationPanoramic Resources Limited
PerseveranceUSAAu4.0% NSR RoyaltyExplorationCordoba Minerals
Pershing PassUSAAu-Ag2.0% NSR RoyaltyExplorationAmericas Gold & Silver Corp.
Pike RiverCanadaAu2.5% NSR RoyaltyExplorationMcEwen Mining Inc.
PouraBurkina FasoAu0.5% NSR RoyaltyExplorationCluff Africa Associates UK Ltd.
PromiseAustraliaAu$1.50/dry tonExplorationSilver Lake Resources Ltd.
Quiruvilca PeruZn-Ag1.0% NSR RoyaltyExplorationSociedad Minera Quiruvilca Inversiones
Robinson ReservationUSAAu3.0% GRRExplorationPrivate Interest
Rock CreekUSAAu0.5% NSR RoyaltyExplorationWestern States Minerals Corp.
RosebudUSAAu3.0% NSR RoyaltyExplorationRosebud Exploration LLC
Santa RosaMexicoAu3.0% NSR RoyaltyExplorationNewmont Corp.
Scotia GoldAustraliaAuA$1.20/tonne(6)ExplorationMinotaur Gold Solutions
Spring ValleyUSAAu2.0% NSR RoyaltyExplorationWaterton Global Resource Management, Ltd.
SubranumGhanaAu-Ag2.0% NSR RoyaltyExplorationCardinal Resources Ltd.
Taviche Este MexicoAu-Ag1.5% NSR RoyaltyExplorationMinaurum Gold Inc.
WaihiNew ZealandAu1.0% NSR RoyaltyExplorationOceanaGold Corp.
YamerigaGhanaAu1.0% NSR RoyaltyExplorationCardinal Resources

* Does not include industrial minerals and power royalties.

(1) Royalty not payable until certain conditions are met.
(2) The 2.5% NSR royalty on Agua Rica is capped at C$15M.
(3) Payable once commercial production is achieved.
(4) The 3.0% NSR Royalty on Friday is capped at US$1M.
(5) A 2.0% NSR royalty payable by Panoramic Resources Limited once production exceeds 100,000 ounces on all platinum group metals minerals mined from certain tenements.

(6) Payable after production of 200,000 ounces of gold from relevant tenements.

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