MMX Interest: 1.5% net smelter return (NSR) Royalty

Metals: Gold (Au)

Location: Katanga, Democratic Republic of Congo

Operator: Kisenge Mining Pty Ltd.

Status: Definitive Feasibility Study

Asset Information

The Mpokoto Project is situated in the south west of the Katanga Province of the DRC. The project is located approximately 200 kilometres to the west of the town of Kolwezi and approximately 150 kilometres east of the Angolan border town of Dilolo. The project is a Joint Venture between Kisenge Mining Pty Ltd. and Armadale Capital Plc. A Definitive Feasibility Study was completed in February 2016 and set out various parameters for Mpokoto, identifying phased processing routes for the project to support low capex development (Phase one concentrates on the shallower oxide portion of the resource which will be prioritized for exploitation in advance of the deeper unweathered sulphide ore designated for Phase two). The technical financial model shows solid economic fundamentals coming from annual mine throughput of 720,000 tonnes of ore over a four and half year mine life. In addition, the project is part of a substantial 800,000 hectares of exploration licenses yet to be explored.

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