Lagunas Norte

MMX Interest:  2.0% NSR royalty(1)
MMX Metal Exposure:  Gold (Au), Silver (Ag)
Location:  La Libertad, Peru
Operator:  Boroo Pte Ltd.
Status:  Technical Report

Asset Information

  • An open-pit heap-leach mine that has produced over 10 million ounces of gold since 2005
  • New technical report announced in December 2021 outlined a 22 year mine life producing and average of 147,000 ounces of gold per year

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Source: Boroo Pte Ltd. public disclosure

The 2.0% NSR royalty is on the refractory sulphide ore project (“PMR”) of the Lagunas Norte mine. The royalty terminates after one million ounces of gold has been sold from the PMR and Boroo has the right to buy back the royalty for a cash payment of $16 million before July 1, 2023.