Maverix currently holds a portfolio of twenty-five streams and royalties on producing mines, development projects and exploration projects. In exchange for an advance payment, Maverix receives the future precious metals production or a percentage of future revenues from mines owned or operated by third party mining companies. Their assets are predominantly located throughout Australia and the Americas, including a number in Mexico. The portfolio of royalties and streams that has been assembled provides a solid, cash generating foundation to build upon.

  1. Moose River Consolidated (Au), Nova Scotia, Canada
  2. La Bolsa (Au), Sonora, Mexico
  3. La Colorada (Au), Zacatecas, Mexico
  4. San Jose (Ag, Au), Oaxaca, Mexico
  5. Taviche Este (Ag, Au), Oaxaca, Mexico
  6. Quiruvilca (Zn, Ag), La Libertad, Peru
  7. Tres Cruces (Au), La Libertad, Peru
  8. Maria Cecilia (Au, Ag), Peru
  9. Shalipayco (Ag, Pb, Zn), Junin, Peru
  10. Pico Machay (Au), Huancavelica, Peru
  11. Calcatreu (Ag, Au), Rio Negro, Argentina
  12. El Peñón (Au, Ag), Antofagasta, Chile
  13. Florida Canyon (Au), Nevada, USA
  14. Romero (Au, Cu), San Juan, Dominican Republic
  15. Wayamaga (Au), North West French Guiana
  16. Committee Bay (Diamonds), Nunavut, Canada
  17. Silvertip (Ag, Pb, Zn), British Columbia, Canada
  18. Vivien (Au), Western Australia, Australia
  19. Scotia Gold and Nickel Project (Au), Western Australia, Australia
  20. Beta Hunt (Au, Ni), Western Australia, Australia
  21. Mt Carlton (Au, Ag, Cu), Queensland, Australia
  22. Long Operation (Ni), Western Australia, Australia
  23. Panton Sill (PGM), Western Australia, Australia

Not shown: 2% NSR on the Mpokoto Gold Project in the DRC